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BOREALUM, is the biggest and one of the most important cities on Terra. The only city that surpases it in importance is Ontsby. But Ontsby is only a holly pilgrim site, and not really a city as it is a temple.

BOREALUM contains most of the factories and mining that suplies Terra with its massive war and trading fleets. More than a 999999 Billion people call the city home, its scyscrapers extends as far as the Ozon layer,

and as deep as the center of earth. 

The City is the most northern province in the Soviet Union and also the largest, being larger even than Africa.
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It was founded way back, even before the rise of Lusk, but stayed as a small village, untill the return of Stalin, who put the village under the care of Niko, who was born there.

Under the regin of Niko, the village sprawled into a gigantic, continent spanning super city.

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The City


The city is divided in several main districts, while those districs are in turn split up in smaller sub-districts, and thos are split up in even smaller ones. The main districts are the civilian, factory, trade, spaceport and the palace.

The space port is the biggest in the know galaxy, spanning many hundreds of miles. Both civilian, trade and military ships arives and returns evry minute of the day.
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It is part of the Soviet Union, but becasue of its great power and size, it maintains great independence. The city maintains its own gouverment, wich is ruled by the Vice Count ands the Senate. The Senate consist of elected officials from the city, and evry off-world colony has its own elected official in the senate. The title of Vice Count remains in the hands of Niko, and all decisions falls on him, but h cant act without the senates word, ecept in a time of crysis, in wich the Vice Count becomes the main power point.

Famous residents

Indrick Boreale