1999 Berlin Uprising

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The 1999 Berlin Uprising was a revolt that took place at the 17th November 1999 in the German capital of Berlin, in the Northwestern Province of the Soviet Union.


It was orchestrated by Yankee evil businessman and infiltrator Flesk Berg, who pretended to be a communist businessman and rooted his business in Berlin. Then his CIA agents started to corrupt communist businessmen and spread the ideas of chaotic capitalism over the city. A lot of citizens fell to the lure of capitalism and started complaining that communism held them back from true riches and power, which went from whispers to open revolts.

Soon complete chaos erupted and people began robbing and attack each other in the streets, and Berg's agents managed to take control of whole city districts. But the uprising did not last more than 3 days and the capitalists were stopped before they had spread to 1/5 of the city. The uprising was squashed by arriving Dutch, Swedish and German legions of the Red Armada, as well as a Däckad Dront taskforce. The evil businessman was killed and skinned by Baron Drygo in the following battle.


Afterwards, Northwestern Governor Radam Smetenskij received criticism in the Party for not heeding the warnings he'd been given by Mediterranean Governor Naxon and his Mage Seers of a capitalist plot inside his own province.

Baron Drygo went on to make the Jeece Fatshirt of Flesk Berg's skin, which he would give to Radam at his following birthday.