2011 Norway attacks

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Two terrorist attacks occurred in Oslo and Utöya, the Nordic Soviet Province, on friday the 22nd July 2011. The attacks consisted of a bombing of the Norwegian government buildings and a shooting at the communist Labour Party youth camp. At least 84 people lost their lives in the shooting, and 7 more died as a result of the bombing. Several more are injured as a result of the terrorist attacks.

The perpetrator

The man behind the Utöya shooting, who is also suspected to be behind the Oslo bombing, is 32-year old Anders Behring Breivik. He is etnically Norwegian, nationalistic, christian, anti-muslim and capitalist. He is now under Soviet-Norwegian police custody. It is not yet known whether or not he received funding from the US.

Oslo bombing

What is suspected to have been a car full of explosives exploded in central Oslo next to the Norwegian government buildings in the afternoon. The shockwave was strong enough to throw people off their feet and the explosion could be heard 7 kilometers away. All the windows of the parliamentary building was destroyed in the attack, and several buildings was heavily damaged and the streets were filled with debris from the attack.

Utöya shooting

Behring masqueraded as a police officer when he arrived at the communist youth camp. He then tried to get people to gather close to him by using the authority of an officer of the law, before he opened fire with firearms. He then proceeded to brutally slaughter the camp attendants, all while trying to lure unsuspecting people near him by playing a real cop.

After several hours of slaughter, Brejing was finally arrested.


The reaction has been very heated all over the Soviet Union. Many people are in uproar and demand blood. Many have given their condolences to Norway and condemned the action.

The governor of Northwest Europe, Radam Smetenskij said: "Horrible. Disgusting. What happened on Utöya and in Oslo today is something that the Soviet Union won't stand for. I was on the line with the Boss just a moment ago, and he was pretty upset. From our conversation I understand that a liquidation is very probable."

Glorious leader of the Soviet Union, Josef Stalin said: "The madman behind this have been brought into custody, but I do not think that is enough for justice. I don't guarantee anything yet, but Brejvik may very well receive two fast shots."

The governor of the Soviet Nordic Province, Luke Heedman had the following to say about the terror attacks in his governed lands: "tl:dr". This official statement caused uproar in the Nordic province, and many screamed for a change in leadership.

The governor of the Mediterranean province, Niko, said

"Ah yes, *extremist's*, a suposedly group of political radicals killing innocent people, we have dismised that claim."