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March 4 - 2013 Easthammer sinkhole disaster. Northwest Europe is split into Totalen Deutsch Bundesrepublik and Française Socialiste République.

March 5 - Stalin successfully closes the sinkhole.

May 19 - Start of the Radam Wars.

June 23 - The Radam Wars end with the death of Radam's clone.

July - Steam Trading Card Crisis.

July 11 - Lusk falls to capitalism.

July 12 - Lusk is defeated by Radam Smetenskij and executed by Bane of Brechin. Gaben is liquidated by Radam. Radam crowns himself Koung of Storsvenska Riket.

July 14 - Start of Radam's Purge. Many political and ideological enemies of Radam, several high-ranking Swedes among them, are imprisoned, executed or banished.

July 18 - The Swedish national anthem is changed from Vikingablod to Rör inte vårat land.

August 3 - Mika becomes the new Högsta Administratör of Storsvenska Riket.

August 10 - Construction starts on Radams Negerplantage AB.

September 4 - Radams Negerplantage is completed.

September 5 - Radams Negerplantage is officially opened.

October 20 - Return of Lusk

October 21 - Storsvenska Riket introduces the concept of Two Koungs - Radam Smetenskij and Lusk will rule the Kingdom co-operatively, and yet completely independent of each other

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