Adolpheus Hitter

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"Det skall bara finnas en ras och den ska ha näbb." -Hitler in 1955

Adolpheus Hitter, commonly known as Adolf Hitler, is the former Reichskanzler of Grossdeutschland. thumb|200px|Es spricht der Führer!


Genious, Strong, actractive, tall


Adolpeus was born in Austria in 1488, shortly before Storsvenska Riket conquered it in need of lebensraum. Adolpheus joined the Swedish army and quickly grew fond of the stahlbad fighting a war could bring.

When the Storsvenska Rike collapsed in the early 1700-century, Adolpheus was slowly corrupted by his own anger. Laying low for over 200 years, he re-emerged in Germany as Adolf Hitler. He built up an invincible German army which hammered the rest of Europe into submission.

He was however stopped by the Soviet Union and captured by Stalin himself. [[Fil:Adolf hitler Stalin edition.png|thumb|200px|The Führer when he impersonated Stalin and tried to take over the Sovet Union, under his alias Radolpheus Hither.]]

The former Führer was sent to a Gulag facility, and has been staying there to this day.