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A Swede talks about his Aryan traits. On a cam site.
...I was there for scientific purposes! Honest!

The Aryan race is a race of humans who lives in the Nordic countries. It has been scientifically proven to be the Master race of humanity.

Long-lived members of the Aryan race often suffer from Aryan genes.


The Aryan race is almost exclusive to the Nordic Countries, also known as the boundaries of the Scandinavian Empire (more commonly known as the Storsvenska Rike).
The Aryan race rose to power during the viking age, when Danes, Norwegians and Swedes started to leave their marks on continental Europe. The race spread to Iceland via the Norwegians, after which the Icelanders declared themselves independent and was later reconquered by the Storsvenska Rike.

Swedish colonisation of Finland brought the Aryan race into contact with the Finnish race, who was driven by the mystical force known as "sisu". The Swedish Aryans interbred with some of the Finns so today Finland is home to Aryans of Swedish roots, as well as Finns driven by sisu and being empowered by an Aryan aura received from being around the Aryans so long.

The Aryan race never established themselves in their concquered lands in Europe as well as they did in Finland, and so the race left no trace during their rule there. The Aryans never conquered Russia either, but the Russian people was later found to be almost as powerful as the Aryan race when their full potential was unlocked. This was impossible under the Tsar, but Josef Stalin taught the Russian people to unlock their true power and today they are not far behind the Aryan race in power.

German theory

During rule of the Stortyska Rike many Germans, including Führer Adolpheus Hitter, believed themselves to be Aryans. This was however proven to be false after scientifical tests were made by the Soviets after the war.

Iranian theory

One theory states that the Iranian people are the true Aryans. As with the German theory, this theory has been proven false. While the Iranian race is powerful, especially when empowered by communism, they are not Aryans.