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Christianity is an Abrahamitic, monotheistic religion based on the Good Book (written by Stalin), a collection of several texts from Ontsby scrolls.

Due to its affiliation with Jänkarland, Christianity is generally considered to be an evil religion. However, Soviet churchs like the Catholic Church in the Mediterranean Province prove that it is not a completely malevolent faith.


The Catholic Church

In the Soviet world, the most famous church is the Catholic Church. Though once at odds with the Byzantine Orthodox Church and the Russian Orthodox Church, the major churches has long since mended their friendship and today an axis of friendship between Rome, Byzantine and Moscow has been established.

The leader of the church is the Pope. The Papal election is based on areas like clothing style, humor, electronics repairing ability and stunning good looks. The Pope can quit his job whenever he feels like it. Upon becoming Pope, the Pope takes a new name for himself.

List of important Popes

Papa Primus (33-63) - The first Pope.

Popus Maximus (456-495)

Dr. Pope (784-791)

The One True Pope (1299-1315)

Dope Pope (1315-1315) - During the Swedish conquest of Italy, Radam humorously installed himself as Pope for 30 minutes before Lusk abolished the title.

The Pope is back! (1710-1712) - The first Pope in 395 years.

Lord Niko, Pope of Pimps (1712-1716) - Niko was installed as Honor Pope for 4 years for reviving the title of Pope and spreading stability to Rome and the surrounding lands.

The Pope is back! (1716-1745)

Halal Pope (1975-1991) - The first muslim Pope.

The Palp (2005-2013) - Palpatine was invited by the Catholic Church to guest star as the Pope for 8 years before he returned to his home galaxy.

Good ol' Pope (2013-) - The current Pope. A self-admitted transexual, homosexual transvestite.

Sarin Pope (2017-) - al-Assad shares the office with the Good ol' Pope.