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The Dominion of Evil, currently officially known as the Second Dominion of Lawful Good by its government and the Evil Sea Empire by the Radama Republic, is a colonial empire and regional great power in Storsjön on Luke Heedman's awesome sörvör.


The Dominion traces its history back 94 years ago, with the birth of Lusk. Lusk was a member of a long-lived race of warriors who formed the Long Leg Tribe on Rastelanden Island. Rastelanden was divided between warring tribes and had seen many great civilizations over the ages, including the so-called Coral Kingdoms who formed great naval fleets to control large areas of Storsjön and spread terror all over the seas. Lusk came to leadership after killing the present leader in traditional combat. He then proved himself a cunning tactician and a ruthless fighter when he defeated and enslaved all nearby tribes in less than a year. Creating the Lusku culture, which was based on power and bloodshed, Lusk continued to conquer the Rastelanden tribes until he controlled the entire island and had absorbed all 86 Rastelanden tribes, the first warlord in recorded history to ever do so.

41 years ago, Lusk's armies went north to conquer the nearby islands of Storbritten and Bergön. Still unsatisfied with the extent of his dominion, Lusk sent scout ships north to find weak states ripe for the taking. That's when the Dominion first came into contact with scout ships of the Radama Republic. 36 years ago, the two states sent envoys to the island that is now known as Isla de Unión and discussed an alliance. Since the Republic was of similar size as the Dominion and all too far away to attempt a successful invasion of, Lusk instead sought to make an ally in The North to trade wares and news with, and a military friend in case a third great power would ever threaten the Dominion. Supreme Chancellor Radam of the Radama Republic agreed to the alliance and signed the Peace Treaty of Eternity with the Dominion.

Lusk turned his eyes on the large island kingdom known as Storitalienaren and launched a massive invasion 29 years ago. He also started construction of a giant ocean fortress, which can act as a staging ground for a naval invasion of the islands in northern Storsjön and was completed 18 years ago. 14 years ago, the Dominion drew a line through the forests of The East and annexed everything on Lusk's side of the line, conquering several Eastern civilizations in the process including the Katanic Kingdom of the Sword. But while the wars went well, the alliance with Radama started to detoriate due to ideological differences and events such as the failed co-operative settlement of Ganzgruz Island, a fiasco both nations' governments blamed on each other to avoid looking bad in front of their own people. The last 10 years have been marked by hostile tensions between the nations, and Radama has accused the Dominion of several accounts of sabotage in the Republic. For every year that passes, the Peace Treaty of Eternity seems less infinite.

The Battle of Hundburgare

Note: This battle may or may not have happened.

During the Invasion of the North, Dominion troops landed near a mountain pass in which Northmen, led by 300 Republicans, held their ground in a long battle. Lusk tried to negotiate with Radam during this battle:

"Listen to your fellow Northman. He can attest to the divine one's generosity. Despite your several insults, despite your horrid blasphemies, the lord of hosts is prepared to forgive all, and more, to reward your service. You fight for your lands? Keep them! You fight for the Republic? She will be wealthier and more powerful than ever before! You fight for you chancellorship? You will be proclaimed warlord of all The North, answerable only to the one true master of the world! Radam, your victory will be complete if you but lay down your arms, and kneel to holy Lusk." - Dominion General

Despite these promises, Radam refused to stand down and the Republicans fought to the last man. A year later their sacrifice provided the morale boost necessary to defeat the Dominion forces and push them out of The North.


The state have been known under many names since its inception.

Official names

Southern States

Fin Mul Unslaad Empire

Stin Jul Island Empire

Second Dominion of Lawful Good

Republic names

Dominion of Evil

Evil Sea Empire