Dr. Löef

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Dr. Löef

"Ouwww... fuck that hurrrrts...!" ―Patient #245

Born November 30 1718 Location Unknown. His current name is Macht "Adolf" Löef. Aliases are Dr. Löef AKA Adolf Skoegsbrant AKA Friedrich Sertürner. Whilst his involvement with the party is to many unknown, his evil is only matched by that of his long sworn rival Fräter. Many capitalists fear him because of his involvement in what the world knows as The Chernarus Incident.


Doctor - While his genius is unquestionable lest only to the most capitalistic, The validity of his Doctorate is questionable at best, This has however not stopped him from referring to himself as "Ze Doktor Magnifik".
Ze Doktor - Feared and beloved by fellow Chernarussians, Ze Doktor famously paraded throughout Chernarus without helping a single patient, only to inject morphine into his leg in front of everyone of his wounded komeraden.

A Lifetime of Death

From the moment he was born, in the dark and muddy trenches near Fredriksten he has been surrounded by death and deceit. When he entered the world through sheer willpower and communism he immediately saw Storswedish soldiers giving a man CPR for a bullet-wound to the head. Saddened by the end of a magnificent regime and a great koung, he swore to pioneer and doctorate the art of self-fulfilling healing techniques. He proceeded to spend many years to practice and master his art, and when the time came for another great war, he would be there, and he would be ready. During the first great war he was unknown. But rumors quickly spread in the trenches about sudden medical supply shortages, and the only traces were used syringes and bandages en masse. Although the Doktor did not actively participate in the war, he was responsible for shortages of both manpower and medical equipment, for both sides. During the second great war, the Doktor was filled with great joy as the communists entered the war under the new leadership of the almighty Boss. He was in ecstasy, he was everywhere with his medical equipment, and proceeded to save the lives of close to 0 patients(He did manage to save a perfectly healthy boy under the name of Lusk by doing absolutely nothing.), all thanks to his personal invention Morre.

200px|thumb|right|Correct treatment of leg injury

The Inventing of Morre

While practicing his chemist skills under the alias of Friedrich Sertürner the Doktor made one of the most important discoveries of human medical science. He found the holy substance Morre, And it became a hit worldwide, Oh yes if it did. However for some reason, unknown to both the Doktor and the world, people started to call the miraculous invention erroneously Morphine, which of course is completely wrong. During his demonstration of Morre he showed how use it.
"All I haef to zou do is lay down ant injekt zie Morre into mein leg." - Dr. Friedrich Löef Sertürner 1815
And the people thought you should inject it into the leg of the patient, which is also of course completely wrong.

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