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The world's greatest doctor.

Dr. Ont (en: Dr. Pain) is a doctor that hails from the holy city of Ontsby. Born 1955, he went to Moscow in his early 20's to study Soviet medicine.

He completed his courses easily and was awarded several Doctor-titles. When he began to take an interest in the Cold War, he very quickly realized that West only spread lies and corruption, while Stalin liberated people and spread light wherever he brought his Red Armada. Dr. Ont offered his services to The Boss, who appreciated the Swedish doctor greatly and made him one of the most trusted and famous doctor in the world, while giving him loads of wealth for his invaluable support to the Soviet Union. Dr. Ont went with the Red Armada on most battles, staying at the HQ and healing injured soldiers with amazing results - no injury were to hard to fix for the good Doctor, and the pain it costs is a little price to pay for the gift of a continued life! You see, there's pain involved in Dr. Ont's efforts in revival, but trained soldiers of the Red Armada are trained to resist it and the side-effect is actually, as opposed to contrary belief, nothing to worry about.

It has been speculated that Dr. Ont's parents were actually dodos, but the good Doctor has never denied nor confirmed any of these rumors.

Dr. Ont has become such a symbol of hope and power to the Soviet Union, that Red Armada soldiers have come up with the cheering "Make way for Dr. Ont!" which is used while marching towards the enemy.

Dr. Onts/pains arch-enemy is a mystical hitman cult. They call themselves Painkillers. Famous painkillers are Iprem and alvedon. Their mission is to kill Dr. Ont and sabotage his way of healing people through pain.


Dr. Pain has an evil yankee-aligned cousin named Dr. Plåga (en: Dr. Plague) who Dr. Ont is very ashamed about. Fortunately, Dr. Plåga hasn't helped the capitalists as much as he has hindered them.

Darth Sion, more known as the Lord of Pain, was Dr. Ont's grandfather. Sion was an evil man that aligned himself with USA and discovered that though pain, he could achieve immortality for some time and strike down his communist enemies. He was eventually defeated with the help of the Alliance of Good, and his life came to a painful end.


Dr. Pain is made famous by the book "Dr. Pain and the bay of chaos". It's about his real life experience of his fight against the earth dodo and the false dodo emperor.