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Castle City

Mössans möstare


Drygo is the most snobbish person on Terra.

Drygo also known as Dr. Phil or just Phil

Don't get fooled by the name "Dr. Phil", because this guy isn't bold or nice. Okay, he is a slave under the bold system though.

He livs in Castle City which is a small city but one of the stronger cities on Terra.


Here's a picture of Drygo's personal castle of all the castles in Castle City. Drygo's castle is the biggest castle in Castle City.

The-joker 25028595.jpg

We actually got a picture of Drygo himself! When he's happy.

corrupt dodo

He even manage to corrupt a dodo and turn him into a copy of himself.

300px-Skaven concept.jpg

Castle city HAD the biggest and strongest Skaven army ever!

There's only 2 left because they had too much skooma from skoomamakarnmyren.

Here's a picture of the 2 skavens left.

Castle city now got a newer and better army that can blow up a hole and a city with one BOOM! Except for Ånö City or as Castle City says it Ånö blocket.

Scrin's are the new army of Castle City. Storvreta is also a challange because there is alot of red houses there.