East Europe

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The East Europe province in light blue.

East Europe is a province in the Soviet Union. It consists of Poland, Ukraine, Slovakia, Hungary, Romania, Moldavia, and Belarus. It borders to the Soviet Province in the east, the Nordic Province in the north, the Totalen Deutsch Bundesrepublik in the west, and the Mediterranean Province in the south. It is governed by Vladimir Putin.

Mickä's disappearence

Mickä Eastlund ruled the province peacefully from 1949 until he suffered an accident in February 2013. His throat was slit for the umpteenth time and he went into an ambulance supposedly headed to the hospital. When the ambulance never arrived, Soviet police arranged a province-wide search for Eastlund. But no trace of him was ever found.

After Mika's disappearance, control of the province passed to Vladimir Putin.