Högsta Administratör och Nordeuropeisk Drontväktare

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Högsta Administratör och Nordeuropeisk Drontväktare , commonly known as "HAND of the King", is the second highest rank in Storsvenska Riket.

Since the rank's creation in 1350, Radam Smetenskij was the sole holder until 2013 when Radam usurped the kingdom from Lusk and gave the position to Mika Eastlund.

After the adoption of the "One Kingdom, Two Koungs" doctrine after the Return of Lusk, Dr. Macht Löef also serves as HAND of the King to Lusk.


The HAND controls the nation's spy network that monitors and apprehends dissidents. He is also in control of the Swedish state-owned media. Moreover he has the power to arrest any Swedish citizen except the Koung.

He's second in command of the Swedish army, navy and airforce.

Hållders åff de titel

Radam Smetenskij (14 August 1350 - 3 August 2013)
Mika Eastlund (3 August 2013-Present)
Dr. Löef (21 October 2013-Present)