Húyr Pao

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Húyr Pao, locally known as Reinweiß Insel is a Nazi island kingdom in the Caribbean Sea. Its residents are survivors of World War 2 that were temporary placed on the island as all the Gulag Vacation Facilities were full at the time.

When more place was available however, Soviet command found that the Germans had revolted and taken over the island. Stalin said this to the Soviet press:
"Bah, leave the fools where they are. Without access to the outer world they cannot deal any more damage than they've already done. Now, if you'll excuse me, I have a Yank problem to deal with."

The situation on Húyr Pao has been unknown for most of the Cold War. However, modern accounts tell of a Führer being elected amongst the nazis, as well as occurences of the Húyr Pao Heil.