Imperial Watch

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The people of Kvatch once refused to pay the monthly bribe. The Watch retaliated.
"Looks like you are in some trouble. Since we're friends, I'll look the other way and pay your fine for you." -Imperial Guards, daily

The Imperial Watch is an organization of guards spread throughout Tamriel. They are infamous as the most corrupt law enforcement in Tamriel.

They don't want to get involved in any fighting, especially with Empire-threatening forces such as Mehrunes Dagon. They often use the excuse "we must protect the Black Marsh, that swamp is important".

Corruption in Tamriel

Imperial City

"It's that bastard Audens Avidius. He's in here every month taking my wares without paying for them. What can I do? He's a Captain of the Imperial Watch." -Jensine

The corruption is especially strong in the Imperial City. Crimes the IC Watch have committed includes planting evidence, taking bribes, and extorting shop owners. Unprovoked beatings of Waterfront residents is not unheard of, and dealings with smugglers and pirates are known to have occured. In the hunt for the Gray Fox, much innocent blood have been spilled by Hieronomous Lex and his Gestapo-like guard force.


"Then pay with your blood!" -Skingrad Guards

Count Janus Hassildor of Skingrad uses the Skingrad Watch as his personal stormtroopers and agents. In secret, they answer directly to him, and not the Imperial Legion. Count Hassildor is a vampire, and he uses his Watch to bring the blood of criminals for him to drink. His castle houses a secret draining room where bandits, muggers or Khajiit are being drained to feed the Count. Skingrad is known as the richest city in Tamriel, and Hassildor makes sure that the rich folk that are filling his vaults feel safe. His guard force have no tolerance for crime, and are allowed to use deadly force for even the pettiest crime.