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Jänkarland (Blue) and her satellite states (Light blue)
A typical American
This is a picture from a meeting with the biggest party in america

Jänkarland, also known as the United States of America, the Dominion of Evil and the States of Perpetual Evil, is a loose group of states that is ruled by the President, which is the individual that is richest. USA has been involved in several destructive wars since it's foundation in 1783, including the ongoing Cold War against the Soviet Union as well as the ongoing American Civil War. USA is often called the most evil country in the world.

The current President is Barack Obama, who is rumored to be a communist agent working for Stalin and is trying to turn the USA into a socialist state.



In the 16th century, colonizers from Europe began settling in America. The colonizing Empire's included Britain, France, Spain and Portugal. When they met the native Indians, they were peaceful at first. But after some time, the colonizers began to change. They became greedy, hostile and paranoid - a result of the capitalist system their civilization followed. At the time, many millions of colonizers had already settled in America.

The excitement grew between the colonizers; there were such amounts of riches to be gained in the new country, and even more if you controlled all territories. So the colonizers started to fight, without approvals of the Imperial countries. After a year of fighting, the British colonizers came out victorious and subjugated the Spanish, Portuguese and French colonizers and fused together the small states into the United States of America.

Britain, who was the strongest of the Imperial countries at the time, decided to act and infuse order in their colonial states. But the colonizers had already fallen too far. Calling themselves "Americans", they rebelled against their British overlords. Britain sent their armies to America, but the fanatic Americans were stronger than the Brits had foreseen. The American leaders had brainwashed their people into believing that they were "God's chosen", which made the American army fight like zombies to the last man. The Americans fought the Brits until they were decimated and surrendered. USA was recognized as a country by the Imperial countries, and became the new leading Empire in the world. They decided to slaughter and enslave the Indians and also bring in slaves from Africa, making USA a country founded on blood and money.

The American Civil War

In 1861, tensions had risen between the southern and the northern states. The southern states, calling themselves "The Confederacy", thought that USA should have no leader, and that evil was best performed with chaos and anarchy. The northern states however, called "The Union", thought that evil was much better served by having a President control everything, having the church brainwash people into becoming perfect slaves to the state and use corruption as a weapon against other countries' economy. Lastly, there was a disagreement about what national anthem Yankland should use. The Confederacy wanted "Bad to the Bone", while the Union wanted "Colonel Bogey's March". The two groups could not come to an agreement, and a civil war broke out.

After 4 years, in 1865, The Union had all but defeated The Confederacy. But even though the south still fought on, the Union President declared that the war was won and that all states now were a part of the "United States of America". In reality the war was still in progress, as no peace treaty was ever signed. But even though they had been "defeated", many of The Confederacy's ideas were intemplented into the new USA, to try and sate the rebelling southerners. It was decided that a dictatorial President should control everything, but only for 4 or 8 years in a row. Corruption would be used to affect global economics, but it should also be spread throughout America to create chaos. And even though The Union's wanted anthem, "Colonel Bogey's March" was chosen, it would only be used for 66 years until it was changed into The Confederacy's wanted anthem, "Bad to the bone". None of these actions have helped though, and the American Civil War still rages on.

Current situation

The current situation in Yankland is chaos. After several costly wars against the Soviet Union, the country is full of povertry and death. Washington have allied themselves with a number of states called the Totalitarian States that still upholds the totalitarian ideals of the Union, and recent KGB reports indicate that they are currently in control of the country under president Obama. Obama is rumored to be a communist working for Stalin, but nothing is confirmed.

In the south, the rebellion's strength is at its strongest since 1933. The current name for the rebel states are the Anarchist South, and they are believed to be led by Eddie Hillbynger who is sponsored by Erik Fräter. Without any laws Erik's factories can dump its waste wherever they please and employ slave labour and child labour.

Jänkarlands impact on Sweden

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Jc_FS3qYavY This is a example of the impact Jänkarland has been on Sweden.


If you really need sources for this, you're a capitalist and needs to be sent to a Gulag Vacation Facility.