Jimmie Åkesson

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Jimpan today

Jimmie Åkesson, commonly known as Jimpan, is the leader of the terrorist organisation called "Sverige Demokraterna", or sometimes called SD. He is a member of the Aryan race, and therefore suffers from Aryan genes.

Jimpan is the current owner of the Golden Swastika.


Roughly 20 years ago, a manifesto circulated the internet, wich proclaimed Swedish dominance over evry other "race" in the Galaxy. KGB tried to hunt down the writer of the manifesto, but the author continued to elude them. KGB called him "An Elusive Man", and rejected it as writings of a madman. Jimmie Åkesson decided to take this name as his alias, now calling himself, "The Illusive Man".

He has eyes and ears evrywhere, even as far Stalins own office, but almost no one knows anymore about him then his alias, and even within hes own organisation, only a select few has ever meet him in person. But many know his name and what he look like without even knowing it, as hes also acting as a front figure for SD, tough evryone regards Jimmie as a spokesman and a pupet of The Illusive Man.

After the Hero of the Riksdagshus, Göran Persson, died, The Illusive Man tracked down Perssons corpse, and brought him back to life, then manipulaing him to take down Wall Street, wich he suspected, was the ones behind abducting whole Swedish colonies.
Jimpan in the future