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Klerkkonism is a major religion.

It is one of the state religions in the Radama Imperial Republic, and is sometimes called the Radamotopic view of the Force.


It is heavily based on the Living Force, but with a major addition. It is believed that a number of gods, beings who have ascended into the Force itself and become part of our world's very fabric of reality, are overseeing all humans and their actions. They give a more personified and human contact to the Force.

List of Klerkkonist Gods

Klerkkon - god of the sun and chief deity

Saicuss - the trickster god of the sea

Tectorate - the god of the earth, mountains, protection and survival

Khorne - the god of rage and battle-lust

Sidious - the god of manipulation and ambition of power

Talos - the god of humanity

Nocturnal - the god of night and darkness

Skaði - the god of hunt and winter

XziCaprio - the god of gods

Sheogorath - the god of madness