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The flag of Northwest Europe
Northwest Europe in orange.

Northwest Europe (sv: Nordvästeuropa, ru: Европа Сове́тских Социалисти́ческих Респу́блик), also known as the Northwestern European Province of the Glorious Soviet Union, was a province in the great Soviet Union. It consisted of Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, Switzerland, Austria, the Czech Republic, France and Andorra.

It bordered to the Mediterranean province in the south, the Nordic province in the north, and the East Europe province in the east.

It was ruled by Governor Radam Smetenskij, who also bore the local title Baron Administrator.

The Capital city was Dronten, located in the Netherlands.

The province was split into two upon Radam's disappearance. It was followed by the Totalen Deutsch Bundesrepublik and the Française Socialiste République.


The Netherlands was conquered by Storsvenska Riket in 1080.

In 1705, the Dutch Republic seceded from the crumbling Rike. A few months later The Dutch tried the system of capitalism but weren't ready for the destruction it would unleash. They were disorganized and had low morale at the moment, making easy targets for the expanding British Empire. The English armies sailed across the English channel to attack them in 1706. However, the exiled Radam Smetenskij happened to come by on his way out of Europe, and organized the defenseless Dutch. Their morale was raised, and they managed to survive the British assault and chase them out of the Netherlands. The Dutch gave Smetenskij the name Güiss⦻n after the battle, before he suddenly disappeared. The Dutch then wrote down the prophecy of Güiss⦻n, in which Smetenskij would return and guard them against capitalism forever.

In WWII, Adolpheus Hitter led his Grossdeutschen Reich to conquer most of Europe, including the Netherlands. The Jews and other unwanted people were incarcarated, experimented on and killed by the German Nazis. The Netherlands was eventually liberated by Storsvenska forces under the command of Güiss⦻n, and Hitter was soon defeated in the push against Germany that followed. After Hitter's defeat, the American capitalists saw their chance to take the weakened Europe and attacked on multiple fronts. The American armies conquered the Netherlands and most of western Europe, and committed atrocities even worse than what the Nazis did. After another lengthy conflict Güiss⦻n once more led Soviet troops to liberate the region, and crushed the American army in the Battle of Dronten. Because of his heroics over the centuries, the Dutch people elected Radam as eternal governor and joined the Soviet Union along with the rest of Europe. The Netherlands and the nearby countries were organized into the Northwestern European Province of the Glorious Soviet Union.

Northwest Europe has continued to face threats of capitalist invasions, but holds the line against west. The Northwestern Europeans, being the first line of defense against the nearby capitalist Great Britain and the most likely landing point of a western invasion, knows that it they fail they compromise the security of the whole Soviet Union. The people of the province are therefore trained from birth to never lose morale, always stay vigilant and hold the line at all times.


When Radam disappeared in March 2013, the province suffered from political dissension and religious chaos. After a month without Güiss⦻n, the province split into half with Angela Merkel's Totalen Deutsch Bundesrepublik in the northeast and the Française Socialiste République led by Francois Hollande in the southwest.


85% Klerkkonism/Atheism-hybrid

8% Norse/Atheism-hybrid

6% Living Force

1% Stalin's cult of personality

The National Anthem of Northwest Europe

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I, Radam Smetenskij, approve of this article. --Radamus Smetonius 29 april 2012 kl. 21.25 (CEST)