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The Holy city of Ontsby (en: Painsvillage) is the most important location on earth. Stalin was careful not to piss Storsvenska Riket off when he allied himself with them; the Holy city of Ontsby is of great importance for both the vikings and Stalin.

After the holy race of birds known as the Dodos were found to have survived the genocide by the Dutch, some hundred dodos were re-located to Ontsby.

Also, scientists believe that the entire human population is striving to get to the Holy city of Ontsby. Whatever you do, you always ends up in Ontsby.

The Ontsby Scrolls

Stored in the temples of Ontsby are the Ontsby Scrolls. The scrolls are indestructible, magical artifacts with a will of their own. The scrolls possess knowledge and power unmatched by any other source of information, but reading the scrolls can have harmful effects on the reader, ranging from blindness and insanity to death.

The dodos tasked with deciphering and caring for the scrolls came up with the idea of digitalizing the entire library of information in Ontsby, deciphered from the Ontsby Scrolls or otherwise collected, along with Radam Smetenskij. This project became the Holy Ontsby Wiki, the number one resource for knowledge in the Soviet Union.

Famous Ontsby people

Dr. Ont