The Party

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"One Party to rule them all..." -J. R. R. Tolkien, former Party member
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The Party is a political organization that controls the entire earth. Few people in the world knows about the party. The only way you can join the party is by knowing the party. Every politician want to join the party but they must pass the test to be able to join the party. Its also possible that the leader of this party is The biggest hero ever. The only members of this party that havent had to do anything to get into the party is the child of a fellow partymember.

Known members

The Boss (possible leader) - Status: Active

Lukanov - Status: Active

Niko Bendic - Status: Active

Radam Smetenskij (has gotten into trouble with the Party on several occasions) - Status: Active

Don Eastlund - Status: Active

Nikoriquo - Status: Active

Dr. Pain - Status: Active

Stefan Löfven - Status: Active

Vladimir Putin - Status: Active