Soviet Union

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The Soviet Union in red.

The Soviet Union is the greatest and most powerful nation on earth. As of the 24:th July, it is led by Josef Stalin.

It is engulfed in the Cold War against USA.

The armed forces of Soviet Union are called the Red Armada.


The Russian people had enough of the Tsar and his Evil Tsardom of Russia, and so they rebelled with the help of Josef Stalin and Lusk of Storsvenska Riket. In the Tsardom's place a Union was formed, whose aims was peace, prosperity and justice. Josef Stalin was democratically elected Eternal Premier of the Soviet Union, and hailed by the people as the saviour of Russia.

In the 1920's, while the ideological enemy USA suffered an economical crisis, the economy of the Soviet Union prospered. It was during this time that the Party was first formed, an elite and secretive body tasked with overseeing the entire planet.

World War 2

When Germany under Adolpheus Hitter started conquering independent European nations, the Union attempted diplomatic actions to stop the conflict with minimal bloodshed. A truce was struck where Hitter promised he would not attack the Union, but Stalin was unsatisfied. Intent to end the war without having to use military force, he secretly dispatched agents to sabotage the German war machine. This backfired however, and Stalin was captured and replaced with Hitter disguised as the Boss, as the Wehrmacht advanced mercilessly into Russia. Stalin eventually escaped, Hitter fled back to Berlin and the tide was turned at the Battle of Stalingrad.

The Soviet Union now retaliated with the full force of its Red Armada. Stalin personally deactivated The Final Solution and captured Hitter seconds before the latter could commit suicide. USA took notice of Europe's weak position after Germany's surrender, and invaded in 1945. The Soviet occupation army was pushed back from German-liberated lands, but after 4 more years of bloody warfare and unspeakable atrocities carried out by the greedy Americans, the tide once again turned and the US forces was forced out of Europe. With the invaders gone, the people of Europe begged to join the Soviet Union for future protection. Stalin complied and Europe and north Africa were added to the Soviet Union.

Cold War

Following the victory in World War 2, an ongoing armed conflict and political struggle known as the Cold War ensued. While no side has attempted to invade the other yet, both nations have launched missile strikes at one another, sent spies to sabotage and gather intelligence, as well as fueling rebellion in enemy lands. In addition, several minor wars have been fought over nations in Asia, Africa and South America, and both superpowers have aided ideological allies with soldiers and supplies in battles with ideological enemies allied to the other superpower.

Generally, the situation in the Soviet Union is viewed as peaceful as most action happens outside its provinces. The threat of escalation into World War 3 is always obvious to the Soviet citizens, but when that day come all Soviet citizens are ready to sacrifice everything for the greater good and a final victory against capitalism.


World Map Soviet Union Provinces.png

The Soviet Province in red

The Nordic Province in black

The Totalen Deutsch Bundesrepublik in yellow

The Française Socialiste République in orange

The East European Province in turquoise

The Mediterranean Province in green