The Empire of Rome

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The Empire of Rome are also called Rome, The Empire or The Imperium

The Empire of Rome consist of the City of Rome and surounding towns, villages and land. It has strong relations with the Radama Republic, in wich it forms the Imperial Alliance. It maintains an neutral position against the Fin Mul Unslaad Empire. The Empire grew strong trough trade and craftsmanship.


CE = Common Era, the standard counting system of years in the Roman Republic.

0 CE

The City of Rome is founded.

12 CE

The Empire of Rome is founded and the first meting of the Senate takes place. During this meting, that lasts for a hole week, Niko Augustus Caesar is crowned Emperor of the Empire of Rome. The Legion is formed, with the First Legion, being made up of 1000 troopers of volunteers. The Merchant Guild is formed, making contacts with neighboring states and kingdoms to incite peaceful trade. The Explorers Guild is formed, sending out explorers and search parties to map new lands and find untouched riches.

(nåt år, månad, jada jada)

The Empire of Rome made first contact with The Radama Republic, and formed the Imperial Alliance, guaranteeing peace and unity between the two peoples. The Imperial Alliance still stands strong to this day, and both powers prosper from the trade and protection the alliance gives.


Rome is an Empire, with the Emperor being chosen by the Senate. A Emperor sits for life, or if the Senate and the people see him or her to be unfit for duty.

International relations

Fin Mul Unslaad Empire

Rome keeps an neutral relation with the Unslaad Empire. It maintains both trade and diplomatic relations with the Empire

The Radama Republic

Rome keeps an close relationship with the Republic, having most of its trade with the Republic. The Radama Republic and The Republic of Rome have formed an alliance called the Empire, having an strong diplomatic and military alliance.


The Roman Curch are devoted to tre gods.


The god of man,and chief deity of the Roman Church


He is the god of wealth, labor, commerce, merchants and communication. His followers have demonstrated that through earnest work and honest profit, not through war and bloodshed, peace and prosperity will develop. Zenithar is the protector of Rome, becasue evrything he stands for is what Rome stands for.


The god of war and the founder of Rome. He only suports war of defence and protection. He rewards the righteous and punishes the dishonourable. If a man or a country goes to war to protect itself, the innocents or the weak, then he gains the favor of Sigmar. But if a man or a country goes to war for personal gain, hurting innocents or just for unnecessary bloodsheed, they will be lose the favor of Sigmar.