World War 2

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The two main characters in the conflict.

World War 2 was a major conflict between the Soviet Union and Nazi Germany, and later the Soviet Union and the United States of America and the United Kingdom. The conflict spanned from 1st September 1939 to 14th December 1949.

It is the most devastating war to date, and the first major class war.


Revolution, greed, the dark side of the Force.


Adolpheus Hitter begins his Nazi crusade, the tide turns in 1942. The Soviet Union (consisting of Russia, Storsvenska Riket and Temeria) pushes the Nazis back and crushes the Germans in Berlin in May 1945.

Stalin's involvement: Disabling the Jew-killing computer program "The Final Solution". Winning the Battle of Stalingrad.


In June 1945, USA and the UK attacks Europe at D-Day. The Americans make good progress until June 1948 when the tide turns again. Siege of Constantinople, the Battle of Ontsby, the Third Battle of Earground, the Liberation of Dronten. In December 1949 the invaders are defeated and the remaining Yanks and Brits flee back from the European continent.

Stalin's involvement: Largely occupied with destroying American nukes during the whole conflict. Have trained and taken precautions during the Cold War so that he can be more active on the frontlines in an unavoidable third World War.