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Perhaps you're looking for another Batman?
The Batman is a psychopathic supervillain from Gotham City.
The madman who dresses up like a bat
His real identity is playboy Bruce Wayne. He dresses up like a bat and uses his genious to build advanced gadgets and tech to use in order to terrorize and kill civilians.

Wayne has been fascinated by bats since a young age. When he was 8, Wayne brutally murdered his own parents with a knife after a night at the cinema. When factory worker Joe Chill arrived at the scene, Wayne murdered him too before cutting out his heart. When the police arrived and arrested young Wayne, he claimed that "the Bat killed them."

After 12 years in a juveline psychiatric detention center, Wayne was declared sane and returned to Gotham in order to take up the mantle of his family business Wayne Enterprises. One of his first moves was to purchase the Ace chemical plant. That same night he was watching television at home in his mansion, when suddenly a bat flew into his open window. He asked his butler Alfred Pennyworth to get rid of the bat, and while the butler had his back against Wayne and tried to push out the flying creature, Wayne slit Pennyworth's throat and beheaded him with a trophy axe.

He then drove the to Ace chemical plant and pushed the first factory worker he could see into a chemical vat. After that he drove to Wayne Enterprises tech facility and armed himself with the most sophisticated weponry he could find before dressing up like a bat and starting a week-long killing spree all over Gotham.

The man he had pushed into the vat had survived however, and had become the Joker, the hero that makes you smile. The Joker stopped Batman's killing spree and sent Wayne to Arkham Asylum. Wayne has escaped many times from Arkham and has slaughtered many people, but the Joker is always there to stop him.

Batman is always serious-looking and has never been seen laughing or even smiling. The Joker believes that laughter might be the best medicine in the case of Batman and often try to make Wayne laugh, but so far that has been to no avail.