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The Holy Ontsby Wiki is a communistic project created by Radam Smetenskij in summer 2010. The goal was to collect all known knowledge in the world into a single wiki.

With its 1000000000^1000000000*1000000000 gogols articles as of november 2010, the goal is not far from completion.

Radam took the title of Über-admin and quickly recruited comrades Lusk, Naxon, Phil, Eastlund and The Horse to the project. These members have added lots of valuable information to the wiki, from history (Northern Europe) to philosophy (Eating Ears).

In spring 2011, a minor civil war erupted (that may have been inspired by the Arabic Spring). Lusk Stormcloak wanted to secede from the Radama Empire and declared war. The two came to an understanding however, and no military action was taken and the wiki was unaffected.

New Ontsby Wiki

"In order to ensure the security and continuing stability, the Ontsby Republic will be re-organized into the first Ontsby Empire!!! For a safe, and secure society!"
-Phil during the "peaceful" reformation

In November 2011, Phil took over the reins and was appointed Über-Admin over the New Holy Ontsby Wiki. The holy papyrus rolls were moved to a new temple in Ontsby, and the adress was changed to "ontsby.nu" to reflect the reformation into the New Ontsby Wiki.

Famous people on Holy Ontsby Wiki

"Jänkarland Adolpheus Hitler... waddafak" - Deavalius III af Jønkøping

"Fan ni är ju sjuka" - Maximilian Deadleavesson



That book I can't remember the name of or find, but it's definitely in there so if you remove the info again I will have you banned